About Us


Curyx Bio, Inc is developing CB-101, -201, -301, and -401 utilizing small molecule, intranasal peptide, recombinant protein, and monoclonal antibody. With these tools, we aim at curing devastating disorders, such as Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Glycine Encephalopathy, Type 1 Diabetes, and etc.

Preclinical Animal Proof of Concept studies for our drug candidates have been completed. These candidates are being brought to the clinical stage to confirm their safety and efficacy in human patients.

With concerted effort and collaboration with CROs, Curyx Bio, Inc will provide novel therapeutic interventions for patients which are unique relative to current treatment options in the market.

Helping people reclaim the simplest things of life is a reward more than worth the
investment of our time.

Curyxbio Team